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Re: TS1 & oldstyle

Thierry Bouche writes:
 > Well, I thought there was some plan silently going on: 
 > - I read fontname-2 quite carefully but it looks like padr98t is
i agree, Alan was a bit out of date 

 > for expertized encodings). I also installed fonts using 99e, but these
 > name are awful and only involved persons can figure what they mean.
they only have to know to use pad9, though

 > - I looked on ctan the xadobe/ xmonotype directories and it seems that
 > expert fonts are installed there only as `x' (no `9'). 
thats deliberate; i didnt try and build an oldstyle set, just the
expertised one 

 > do we need something to identify `shape variants' such as small caps
 > and oldstyle digits as opposed to encoding variants (corresponding to
 > T1c/T19 on the fontinst side of the story)? 
this is a can of worms....