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Re: TS1 & oldstyle

>- I read fontname-2 quite carefully but it looks like padr98t is not a
>legal name for it (9 no more means an OSF variant, but is an escape
>for expertized encodings). 


Yes, you're right, the `9' variant has been removed.  This is very
unfortunate, since fontinst still generates fonts with old style
digits, and now there's no `approved' name for them.  The file
variant.map says that `9' has been replaced by `7d' but this doesn't
help much for generating T1 or OT1 fonts containing old style digits.

I don't understand why the `9' variant has been removed---I don't see
how to generate fonts such as ptmr98t (Adobe Times Cork with old-style
digits) any more.  I also don't understand the point behind the 9*
encodings---what's the difference between ptmrx8t and ptmr9t?