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Re: ps2pk vs. gsftopk

>  > If you rasterize with 	a full PS interpreter like gs handy, or if you
>  > print, you won't see the problem, but ATM or ps2pk seem to be killed by
> i have found it necessary to go in and hack the encoding vector in
> these files sometimes  :-}

Do you mean in your private font collection or the supported PS fonts
on CTAN? In the last case it would be nice if you describe:
  - the reason you need it
  - the consequences for type1 renderers (like ps2pk).

>  > much faster. A current reason of insatisfaction with gs comes also from
>  > the fact that many people seem to use the `gsf' versions of Times Roman,
>  > not the pfb/a. (but then what do they use with ps2pk?).
> the end is in sight! URW have given Peter Deutsch *real* Type1
> versions of the standard fonts to distribute with
> GhostScript. excellent news.

Does free for `P.D' also mean free for other people?

> sebastian