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Re: ps2pk vs. gsftopk

> the end is in sight! URW have given Peter Deutsch *real* Type1
> versions of the standard fonts to distribute with
> GhostScript. excellent news.
> sebastian

Will they be SWA (set width adobe)?
[BTW comparing unmr8a.afm and ptmr8a.afm shows they are except for
Also, the status of the acrobat reader fonts is not clear to me: if you
install it under any flavour of unix you get
Times/Helvetica/Courier/ZapfDingbats  in pfa format: as they 
are meant to preview documents, why shouldn't you be
allowed to install them in X or gs or the TeX utilities?
also, using the adobe `generic' MM fonts AdobeSansMM/AdobeSerifMM you
could fake any missing font on your system once you know how to handle
MM fonts and you have the appropriate .pss code. It could enhance 
drastically gs pdf abilities for instance (as MinionDisplay substituted
with Helvetica is somewhat surprising), or it could make it easy to
share TeX source code using proprietary fonts without infriging
copyrights. Are they (possibly non-)adobe tools to produce these .pss?