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Re: ps2pk vs. gsftopk

Thierry Bouche writes:
 > > the end is in sight! URW have given Peter Deutsch *real* Type1
 > > versions of the standard fonts to distribute with
 > > GhostScript. excellent news.
 > Will they be SWA (set width adobe)?
 > [BTW comparing unmr8a.afm and ptmr8a.afm shows they are except for
 > kerning] 
yes, basically i gather the widths  are the same but the kerning is not

 > Also, the status of the acrobat reader fonts is not clear to me: if you
 > install it under any flavour of unix you get
 > Times/Helvetica/Courier/ZapfDingbats  in pfa format: as they 
 > are meant to preview documents, why shouldn't you be
 > allowed to install them in X or gs or the TeX utilities?
quite. i do. god knows what the legalitiees are!

 > also, using the adobe `generic' MM fonts AdobeSansMM/AdobeSerifMM you
 > could fake any missing font on your system once you know how to handle
 > MM fonts and you have the appropriate .pss code. It could enhance 
thats a big if. it means duplicating the abilities of ATM!