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Re: Bug fix for mathtime.sty version 2 (1995/03/07)

Piet Tutelaers writes:
 > Unfortunately it is not that simple!
 >   (1) There are people still using the old MathTimes (1.1 and 1.0) fonts.
no doubtthey have their style files then

 >   (2) Y&Y does not support virtual fonts.
not sure of the relevance of this

 >   (3) The LaTeX2e font team does not officially support MathTime since they
 >       introduced the thirth generation of PS fonts (is this true?)
 >   (4) The inofficially supported mathtime.sty from A. Helmick is
 >       withdrawn?
i have now withdrawn psnfss/unsupported/mathtime completely; this
means that any mathtime support does not come under
macros/latex/packages, which is the area blessed by the LaTeX team.

i don't propose to put it back until i find the time to do it properly
in conjunction with Berthold.

in the meanwhile of course anyone can submit whatever they like as
contrib packages