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Re: Bug fix for mathtime.sty version 2 (1995/03/07)

Robin writes:

   Berthold writes:

   > By the way, mathtime.dtx/mathtime.ins is obsolete and unsupported, 
   > as it says on CTAN.  It is pretty bad stuff, way below the quality of
   > support for MathTime available by using \input lcdlatex under LaTeX 2.09!

   > Use instead mathtimy.dtx/mathtimy.ins, downloadable from
   > http://www.YandY.com under `Downloadables'.  It is a bit better.
   > Although the bug you described may very well be in there also, 
   > I'll have to check...

   This is a daft situation.  People are likely to upgrade their LaTeX
   and see the CTAN version and (naively) suppose it's the thing they
   should upgrade to.  Shouldn't we just replace the CTAN version with
   your working one?

Well, maybe.  Although since a super expert (:=) is working on proper
support for MathTime + MathTime Plus and hopes to be done with this
towards the end of the year, it might be better to just wait until then
and stick in the clean official solution.

But maybe there could be a pointer there to the mathtimy.dtx/mathtimy.ins

Actually, I am not sure that many people would be too confused by what is
presently on CTAN, since it is buried in sub-directories with names
like `unsupported' and `obsolete'.  But it is true they wouldn't know
where to go --- but since mathtimy.dtx/mathtimy.ins comes with the MathTime
fonts, it doesn't seem like too big a problem.

   > Also, \boldmath is problematic because it switches back to CM for bold 
   > math, which means the glyphs don't match in style, but worse, since CM
   > is so thin, the *bold* CM math doesn't look much heavier than the
   > *regular* MathTime math - it just looks different...
   > MathTime Plus is the way to fix this (see http://www.YandY.com/mathplus.pdf).
   > But right now on the TeX side, this is only supported under plain TeX
   > and AMS TeX.  LaTeX 2e support is expected towards the end of the year.

   Indeed.  MathTime Plus is good news; every home should have a copy (or
   something ;-)