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Re: Bug fix for mathtime.sty version 2 (1995/03/07)

Piet Tutelaers writes:

   > > By the way, mathtime.dtx/mathtime.ins is obsolete and unsupported, 
   > > as it says on CTAN.  It is pretty bad stuff, way below the quality of
   > > support for MathTime available by using \input lcdlatex under LaTeX 2.09
   > > Use instead mathtimy.dtx/mathtimy.ins, downloadable from
   > > http://www.YandY.com under `Downloadables'.  It is a bit better.
   > > Although the bug you described may very well be in there also, 
   > > I'll have to check...

   > This is a daft situation.  People are likely to upgrade their LaTeX
   > and see the CTAN version and (naively) suppose it's the thing they
   > should upgrade to.  Shouldn't we just replace the CTAN version with
   > your working one?

   Unfortunately it is not that simple!

     (1) There are people still using the old MathTimes (1.1 and 1.0) fonts.

How is this relevant?  Mathtimy.dtx/mathtimy.ins is *designed* for MathTime 1.1
and has been used with it for years.  It has *no* support for MathTime Plus.

     (2) Y&Y does not support virtual fonts.

Not sure what you mean.  The Unix and Macintosh version of MathTime
*come* with VF for MTMI (which isconstructed from RMTMI and
Times-Italic) --- along with all the headaches with wired-in font
names and wired in font encoding! The Macintosh version even includes
the complex Textures metrics files.  

The IBM PC version comes with an installation procedure that creates a
*real* MTMI, so you don't need VF at all for the math fonts.

Hence I do not follow your point at all.  Text fonts are another
story, but we are taking here about the MathTime fonts --- math fonts.
You can use your favourite `times.sty' with them if you like, with 
or without VF, with OT1, T1, TeX 'n ANSI or whatever encoding.

     (3) The LaTeX2e font team does not officially support MathTime since they
	 introduced the thirth generation of PS fonts (is this true?)

     (4) The inofficially supported mathtime.sty from A. Helmick is

Which is reasonable, since it was never any good.  It dropped the linkage
to Adobe Math Pi.  It did not do the right thing with sizes for
subscripts and subsubscripts, it had hard wired in a text font encoding
for an obsolete version of DVIPS etc etc

   > Indeed.  MathTime Plus is good news; every home should have a copy (or
   > something ;-)

   > Robin

   Not so sure about this ...