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Re: psnfss and lw35nfss

   I don't think, that support for esperanto is a purely academic thing: There 
   is an active book production in esperanto which needs either a ready-made 
   \^\j or the \j itself.

Right.  And that is why Cork is inadequate.  You need at least the 600
glyphs of WGL4 to cover the European Latin fonts.  And in Europe the
claim is that a *minimal* ISO European glyph set has over 900, with
an extended set having over 3000.  Or are you saying that the very
reason you want people to abandon CM is now to be ignored when
adding jcircumflex by overprinting?

What I am saying is that T1 is nice because it has ready-made accented
characters, you don't need to construct them.  By analogy, if you work in a 
language that is not covered by T1 you should use an encoding (and
a font) that has the ready-made accented characters for that font.

   Furthermore, I think, that TeXtures and Y&Y don't have the right to block a 
   possible progress. 

The problem is that (1) 30,000 fonts out there have dotlessi but not dotlessj
(2) it is not something that can be `fixed' in the application.  System
level font support is a wonderful thing if you have it, but it also
means you have to live with its little quirks.

   It can be done with dvips, and it should be done. 

   I am pretty sure, that the commercial TeX vendors will incorporate 
   support for the dotless j, as soon as their customers demand it.

Since there is no way to do using ATM and since there is no way to do
it using UNICODE, you can see this will not happen except in the
very restricted world where everything is done using PostScript.

Hmm, you can't access Lslash, lslash, Eth, eth etc on the Mac.
Nobody has `fixed' that.  And that problem has been around for years.

   --J"org Knappen.