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Re: 8r fonts

Concernant « Re: 8r fonts », Sebastian Rahtz écrit :
 > Thierry Bouche writes:
 >  > there is a pb with compwordmark in T1 fonts:
 >  > here is what you find in ptmr8t.vpl
 >  > 
 >  > (CHARACTER O 27
 >  >    (CHARWD R 0.0)
 > is this actually wrong?

humm this is not wrong, what is wrong (I believe) is the MAP not
followed by anything: I've a message `there's no char 23 in ptmr8t!'
>From xdvi) shouldn't the cwm be a rule of width zero ?
 >  > opposed to what happens with adobe's afm). Maybe one day foundries
 >  > will provide good afms and all this discussion will loose its object.
 > bleeargh. but do i leave 8r.mtx as it is? Constantin, can you look?

yes it's better however, what I said is there is no absolute solution anyway.

 >  > following: how can I have fontinst believe that the font ptmr8r.mtx
 >  > has a raw glyph whose metrics are defined like this
 > preprocess the AFM file? i started looking at this too and
 > gave up after a short while

well yes: me too, whence my question;-) would be better however not to
change the AFM. I'm able with a dotlessj.mtx to have the good
ptmr8r.pl but not ptmr8r.mtx. or I do AFM -> mtx + dotlessj.mtx -> pl
-> mtx??

 >  > if it's not in the AFM. would it be easy to add an \adddotlessj to the
 >  > \transformfont sugar? or is there a better way?
 > maybe ALan can comment

I'd like that yes...
 > sebastian