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Re: 8r fonts

 > Thierry Bouche writes:
 >  > there is a pb with compwordmark in T1 fonts:
 >  > here is what you find in ptmr8t.vpl
 >  > 
 >  > (CHARACTER O 27
 >  >    (CHARWD R 0.0)
 > is this actually wrong?

Ooops, that empty MAP is a byproduct of a different bug fix---lots of
people complained about fontinst generating large numbers of MOVERIGHT
R 0.0 instructions, so I wrote a bit of code which got rid of them.
Unfortunately this also got rid of the MOVERIGHT in cwm, leaving an
empty MAP which DEK interprets differently than some of us might
expect (eg me)...

 >  > also I thought cwm should be 1ex high?
 > yes, its true, Jorg changed that in EC didnt he. rats

Grumble mutter I guess I can include this into latin.mtx:


 >  > if it's not in the AFM. would it be easy to add an \adddotlessj to the
 >  > \transformfont sugar? or is there a better way?
 > maybe ALan can comment

I guess doing it at the \transformfont level is as good as any, but
really I think the right thing to do is not bother, at least as far as
the fonts on CTAN is concerned.  What people get up to in the privacy
of their own disk space is up to them.