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Re: 8r fonts

 > Unfortunately this also got rid of the MOVERIGHT in cwm, leaving an
 > empty MAP which DEK interprets differently than some of us might
 > expect (eg me)...
oh so *that* explains it. 

 > Grumble mutter I guess I can include this into latin.mtx:
 > \setglyph{compwordmark}
 >    \glyphrule{0}{\int{xheight}}
 > \endsetglyph
i have hacked the latin.mt in my finst directory (sorry about this
stuff, Alan, but it seems more honest to simply include my hacked copy
of fontinst)

 > really I think the right thing to do is not bother, at least as far as
 > the fonts on CTAN is concerned.  What people get up to in the privacy
 > of their own disk space is up to them.
my current deadline is more or the less the end of this month to burn
2000 CD-ROMs with this stuff on. with that in mind, i am 99% sure i
should leave dotlessj alone for this time