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Re: 8r fonts

Constantin Kahn writes:
 > I tend to think that Thierry (and other supporters of his views) are right.
 > However, there haven't been any text samples for others to view, there
 > hasn't been a comprehensive discussion of the kerning pairs of any single
... true. 

 > On the other hand, I think that font metrics from a single source (in this
 > case: Sebastian) should be consistent across encodings. In particular,
 > kerning pairs shouldn't change when changing encodings (as long as a
 > character pair is present in both encodings). The old 8r.mtx (mine)
 > violated this principle (for reasons which I've tried to explain in an
ok, thats an important principle, which i think should definitely
guide us here

 > So I am with Thierry, only for different reasons (while sympathizing with
 > his views). Is this good enough?

 > of 8r.mtx. I've always considered it a one-time contribution (and I
 > remember that I was surprised when it found its way into psfonts
 > unchallenged and unchanged).
i doubt if its the first time such a thing has happened!