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Re: 8r fonts

Concernant « Re: 8r fonts », Sebastian Rahtz écrit :
 > Constantin Kahn writes:
 >  > I tend to think that Thierry (and other supporters of his views) are right.
 >  > However, there haven't been any text samples for others to view, there
 >  > hasn't been a comprehensive discussion of the kerning pairs of any single
 > ... true. 

but is this the point? I propose a third principle: automating kerning
is something that should be prevented. When designers adjust the kern
pairs for one font, it's a job that's done by hand; it (should?)
cover the  whole set of glyphs they provide, so a missing kern pair
can also be a positive decision (not only an omission). & the point of
the descriptions I posted was that it cannot be decided generically how
to kern diacrited glyphs depending on the accent and the other letter.

Now with T1, we add a few faked glyphs, so it seems natural to try to
find the right kern pairs for them, algorithmically if necessary...

A question for future releases: a font like Times-Roman looks much
better under 8pt when it's track-kerned: why not break the designsize
axis in 2 or more pieces?
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