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Re: fontinst/mathptm: bug in OMX.etx

At 9:44 am +0000 28/10/97, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>Rebecca and Rowland writes:
> > I'll have a crack at documentation if someone will help me figure out
> > exactly what the blasted thing does in detail.
>you dont catch me out that easily, rowland....

I had to try :-)

Alan Jeffrey <alanje@cogs.susx.ac.uk> wrote:
>Sebastian Rahtz writes:
> > coding is not really an issue at present; the job is one of
> > organisation,
>Indeed, it's a matter of taking the current setup and cleaning it up,
>rewriting documentation, etc. etc. all dull stuff I'm afraid.  I can
>answer specific technical questions but I can't really help do the big
>reorganization (if I could then I'd just do it myself :-)

Hmm - well, I can do things to the documentation if someone can answer my
questions - and there seems to be a volunteer for that (but you might like
to check with Sebastian before committing yourself on this one).  Is there
anyone who could do something to clean things up etc?