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Mf mode for Epson Stylus color 600


I made a mode for the Epson Stylus color 600 in 720 dpi.
The added lines in 'modes.mf' are:

% {\tt arno.wagner@acm.org}, Epson Stylus color 600, 25. November 1997.
% In my opinion, the quality when printing 720 dpi is excellent.
% If you want to print in 360dpi (much faster) use the 'epstylus' mode
% instead. This printer seems to make smaller dots when printing in
% 720 dpi and larger ones when printing in 360 dpi. I tried 720x1440
% resolution as well, but found it not worth the additional time.
% Note that if you use Ghostscript, you need at least version 5.03 to
% support 720 dpi on this printer. This mode may work with the
% Epson Stylus color 800 as well.
% I tested this mode with the test of Matt Swift, which can be found
% above.

mode_def epstcsixzerozero =        %\[ Epson Stylus Color 600 (720 dpi)
  mode_param (pixels_per_inch, 720);
  mode_param (blacker, .25);
  mode_param (fillin, 0.5);  %\[ no '\' in Matt Swift's test in 5pt when
= 0
  mode_param (o_correction, .8);

I would be happy to contribute this to all users of Metafont.

Arno Wagner