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Request for experience, MM fonts and LaTeX... (esp. Kepler)

I've recently purchased Adobe's new MM font, Kepler, and am about to
begin trying to get it to work elegantly with TeX. I know there is a
TUGboat article on MM fonts and TeX that I can (and will) read, and
generally I understand PostScript, fonts, TeX and the like, but, it only
makes sense to ask all among the community of other tex-fonts people
before embarking on this task.

For example, recent MM fonts have may use specialized calculations for
the NormalizeWeightVector and ConvertWeightVector, which existing tools
may have problems with. Both of the MM blended-afm tools I have choked
on Kepler, but I fixed that in one by making it go out and actually pass
the font to a PostScript interpreter and get it to figure out the correct

Similarly, I wonder if there is a name in the TeX font naming scheme for
Kepler yet? I'd probably choose `pkp', if it's not already taken or another
name isn't already assigned.

Anyway, if you have have relevant experience you'd like to share, or if
you'd like to suggest articles I might find on topics relevant to this
endeavour, please let me know...

Best Regards,


P.S. I'm using the standard LaTeX/DVIPS combination, but for previewing
I use TeXview (under NEXTSTEP) which supports PostScript matters
identically to dvips, so I don't have to worry about making PK fonts
for a previewer, which is one challenge I get to avoid.