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Re: Request for experience, MM fonts and LaTeX... (esp. Kepler)

There was an article (in french sorry) by Thierry Bouche in Les Cahiers de
GUTenberg describing how to install MM fonts for TeX (the example was
MinionMM). To create instance of the font the authour used ATM on Windows 
then ghostscript to get the afm and finally merges the metrics from 
ghostscript with the kerning pairs from the .PFM file. It's quite 
cumbersome but I think that it should work with Kepler.

> P.S. I'm using the standard LaTeX/DVIPS combination, but for previewing
> I use TeXview (under NEXTSTEP) which supports PostScript matters
> identically to dvips, so I don't have to worry about making PK fonts
> for a previewer, which is one challenge I get to avoid.

gsftopk handle gracefully MM fonts.

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