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Re: Request for experience, MM fonts and LaTeX... (esp. Kepler)

Concernant « Request for experience, MM fonts and LaTeX... (esp. Kepler) », Melissa O'Neill écrit :


i've put my personnal experience (with Minion) in a GUTenberg
paper [french!] (ftp://fourier.ujf-grenoble.fr/pub/contrib-tex/gut/minion-pk.ps.gz)
There  does exist now an ideal software that didn't exist at
that time, it's mmafm & mmpfb, two utilities by Eddie Kohler that
respectively generate an AFM from AMFMs+master AFMs and a `snapshot'
making the corresponding monomaster PFB. Both were designed to work
with intermediate masters and are reported to work with them. Look at
« Similarly, I wonder if there is a name in the TeX font naming scheme for
« Kepler yet? I'd probably choose `pkp', if it's not already taken or another
« name isn't already assigned.

if you look at my above mentionned paper, you'll see i have a berry
naming scheme of my own for MM fonts, that does not match others (like
in the LGC for instance)...

« Anyway, if you have have relevant experience you'd like to share, or if
« you'd like to suggest articles I might find on topics relevant to this
« endeavour, please let me know...

this _should_ not be an endeavour!

« making PK fonts
« for a previewer, which is one challenge I get to avoid.

not really a challenge when you have gs+gsftopk, simply something that
should be avoided in the long term...

BTW did people try out the patched xdvi that uses the type 1
X rasterizer?
   Thierry Bouche.       -----       thierry.bouche@ujf-grenoble.fr