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Re: texinfo language command?

On Mon,  1 Feb 1999 18:21:00 +0000 (GMT), Chris Rowley wrote:

>> The Adobe fonts are free, they contain the official version of 
>> the Euro symbol,
>So Adobe now presribes from San Jose what this official version?

official = complying with the design published by the European
Community, see <http://europa.eu.int/euro/html/entry.html>

>>and they provide boldface and/or italic variants, 
>Sounds strange: a sloped variant maybe 

It *is* just sloped, but Adobe calls it "italic".

Neither boldface nor sloped is "official", but it isn't 
forbidden either.  Using the "regular" symbol within an 
italic and/or boldface environment would be too ugly.  

Other font families (incl. EC/TC) go still one step further:  
The shape of the symbol is adapted to the style of the 
particular font.  This complies with the way other currency 
symbols are treated, but it is definitely *not* the official 
way.  With monospaced (typewriter) fonts, however, this 
cannot be avoided.