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Re: texinfo language command?

>Walter Schmidt wrote --
>> The Adobe fonts are free, they contain the official version of
>> the Euro symbol,
>So Adobe now presribes from San Jose what this official version?
>Must be them, since no one in Euroland would do so, surely?  Except
>maybe a little bank in Frankfurt:-)?


>Sounds strange: a sloped variant maybe but I am unsure how "official"
>even that could be.

If only the bank had made the decision...  Unfortunately, the decision on
the official euro symbol was made by the usual bunch of idiots in the EC.
But...  The `straight' Adobe Eurosans symbol is modelled on the official
euro, for which you can download a partial specification from the EU's Web
site.  That particular shape and no other is the official euro symbol,
which means the bold, italic, monospaced, and seriffed versions are all
unofficial.  My advice is to use the unofficial versions as much as
possible, just to upset the bureacrats.