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CP1250-encoded Type 1 to {vf,tfm,fd}


I am facing a task of preparing a set of Type 1 fonts for use with LaTeX. 
Type 1 fonts -- PFB, AFM and PFM -- in question come from a CD that was
sold by URW in the Central Europe, and uses Microsoft codepage 1250 (plus
an odd dozen un-encoded characters) rather than Adobe Standard Encoding.
What I would like to have is a set of TFM, VF and FD files using T1 (Cork)

I believe that Fontinst (1.801 is the last stable release, right?) is
exactly the tool I need. However, I am somewhat lost with it, and the
manual is less helpful that I would have wished. There is an example of
using the \latinfamily command early in it, but I think examples using
individual low-level commands would also be helpful.

For a start, I believe I have to write a mapping file (etx?) for CP1250
and somehow feed it to Fontinst. Is this what \reencodefont command is
for? Do I need the etx file for the source (CP1250) or the target (T1)

Best regards, Primoz

Primož Peterlin,   Inštitut za biofiziko, Med. fakulteta, Univerza v Ljubljani
Lipičeva 2, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija.  primoz.peterlin@biofiz.mf.uni-lj.si
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