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upgrade of ibycus4 Greek Polytonic font

After a year of reasonably favorable comments, I have decided to
include the unhinted type1 font IbycusHTG-Regular in the
basic ibycus4 package.  I have also made all the small changes
that have been suggested to me over the past year.

Ibycus4 is, as before, wrapped up in a SysV package (sorry, but
it's what I know) in either ibycus4.tgz or ibycus4.zip.

The significant changes are in the TFMs (all of them---there was an
error in one ligature) the VFs, the PFA, PFB and AFM files,
Uibycus.fd and psibycus.RME.  You may find it useful to
know that the XHEIGHT in Adobe EM/1000 units is 430 taken
from the top of the tau, the CAPHEIGHT is 680 and the
rather notional Ascender is 700 (there aren't many good places to
measure an ascender in a traditional Greek font.)  Owing to
the use of iota subscript, etc., the concept of a Descender value
is pretty meaningless, but it is there in the AFM.  

To the Happy Few: if the letters TLG mean something to you,
take a look at:


I have installed it, and my colleagues are green with envy.
End to end search of TLG version E (3692 text files) in
2:30 minutes on a 170MHz Cycle5 Sparc 5 clone.
Diogenes works equally well on version E and D of the

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