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Re: CP1250-encoded Type 1 to {vf,tfm,fd}

Concernant « CP1250-encoded Type 1 to {vf,tfm,fd} », Primoz Peterlin écrit : «
» Hello,
» I am facing a task of preparing a set of Type 1 fonts for use with LaTeX. 
» Type 1 fonts -- PFB, AFM and PFM -- in question come from a CD that was
» sold by URW in the Central Europe, and uses Microsoft codepage 1250 (plus
» an odd dozen un-encoded characters) rather than Adobe Standard Encoding.
» What I would like to have is a set of TFM, VF and FD files using T1 (Cork)
» encoding.

simply name them as if they were standard encoded (8a) and this should
work OK with latinfamily.

the first job of latinfamily is to reencode the fonts to 8r, the
originally declared encoded doesn't matter much.

Thierry Bouche, Grenoble.
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