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TUGboat 9:3, December 1988

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News & Announcements
Call for papers: TUG Tenth Annual Meeting, Stanford University, 21–23 August 1989   c3 
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Title page   227 
Editorial information   229 
Addresses   229-230 
General Delivery
From the President 
  Bart Childs 
General Delivery   231-238 
Extra! Extra! TUGboat becomes a quarterly   232 
Donald Knuth awarded Oxford degree   232-233 
TeX and TUG go international—A trip report 
  Barbara Beeton 
Some typesetting conventions 
  Graeme McKinstry 
Software-ergonomics on the Atari ST 
  Klaus Heidrich 
Hyphenation exception log   239-241 
LaTeX fonts and suggested magnifications 
  Joachim Schrod 
Mode_def's please 
  Doug Henderson 
Further faces 
  Dominik Wujastyk 
Output Devices
TeX output devices (with charts) 
  Don Hosek 
DVItoVDU 3.0 and PSPRINT 3.0 
  Peter Abbott, Andrew Trevorrow 
Site Reports
A UK-based TeX mail archive server 
  Peter Abbott 
Site Reports   263-269 
Atari ST site report 
  Klaus Guntermann 
Data General site report 
  Bart Childs 
IBM VM/CMS site report 
  Dean Guenther 
MVS site report 
  Craig Platt 
Unix TeX site report 
  Pierre MacKay 
Typesetting on PCs
Recovering from a hard-disk failure 
  Mitch Pfeffer, Alan Hoenig 
Evaluation of K-talk 
  Kees van der Laan, J.R. Luyten 
Making paragraphs 
  Alan Wittbecker 
A tutorial on \futurelet 
  Stephan von Bechtolsheim 
Compact matrix display 
  Thomas Kneser 
Typesetting chess 
  Wolfgang Appelt 
Equation numbering in plain TeX 
  J. E. Pittman 
  J. E. Pittman 
A page make-up challenge 
  David F. Rogers 
Contents of LaTeX style collection as of 24 September 1988 
  Michael DeCorte 
The LaTeX column 
  Jackie Damrau 
A new implementation of the array—and tabular—environments 
  Frank Mittelbach 
News & Announcements
Calendar   315 
News & Announcements   315-317 
Dutch TeX Users Group 
  Kees van der Laan 
Call for papers: RIDT'89—International Workshop on Raster Imaging and Digital Typography, Lausanne, Switzerland, 12–13 October 1989   316-317 
Late-Breaking News
Late-Breaking News   317-318 
TeXhax moves north 
  Pierre MacKay 
Production notes 
  Barbara Beeton 
A thank you note   318 
TUG Business
Accountant's review of TUG financial records, years ended December 31, 1987 and 1986   318-321 
Institutional members   322-324 
Late-Breaking News
TUG's Tenth   324 
TUG membership application   325 
Index of advertisers   342 
TUG Membership List Supplement   1-12 

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