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Re: checksum inconsistencies for virtual postscript fonts on CTAN

Berthold Horn writes:
 > Hmm, You got me there sort of, I was thinking DVI -> PS -> PDF.
 > From what you say, pdfTeX has the same skullduggery of DVIPS's
 > psfonts.map (e.g. making fake slanted, fake narrowed, fake extended)?

yes, it does. and the fact that it works in PDF demonstrates that it
*isnt* skulduggery!

 > >uncool. psfonts.map may be on a read-only medium.
 > But theses files are all in different directories.  Or do you
 > reorganize them before putting them on CD?

considerably, usually. but anyway, I cannot afford *any* duplicates in
a TDS tree, as TDS does not mandate a search order within a tree