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Re: texinfo language command?

Oh what an appalling web page:
> http://europa.eu.int/euro/html/entry.html

But struggling on I found a treasure trove of bureaucratic inanities
and interesting usage of my mother-tongue.

Amongst the pronouncments are these:

  The euro glyph must be universally accepted and recognized on all
  information systems and keyboards by 1 January '99.

oops. missed out on that one (later they blame Microsoft for the
keyboards delay ... well, Bill knows a lot about delays I guess, but I
doubt he has heard of Euros or Europe).

  All major world currencies have their own symbol and now the euro has
  one as well.

Now I wonder if the German or French versions contain that?

BUT I found nothing at all about an official version of the text symbol.

There is, as one would expect, a precise description of the logo (or
sign) --- after all, nothing is in greater need for a good clean image
than the EU right now --- but this just that, not a currency symbol.

It also says, and who am I to disagree, that no currency symbols (not
even that of the second most important world currency) are in any
sense official.

The only official text to use for currencies are the 3-letter iso
forms such as usd, dem, gbp (what do they use in N. Ireland then??)
(just remember that when you sign any documents containg $-signs).

My conclusion is that a font designer is welcome to provide any
reperesentation they wish of this symbol, and no one has to use if
they do not wish to.

> It says, as I recall, that only the official symbol may be used, and
> it's got to be in black or the official shade of blue.

The only reference i found to colors is this, concerning the logo:

  The euro logo can be constructed using yellow on a clear background or
  yellow on a blue background.

But maybe i did not want to find what I did not find?