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Re: texinfo language command?

At 3:36 pm +0000 2/2/99, Chris Rowley wrote:

>oops. missed out on that one (later they blame Microsoft for the
>keyboards delay ... well, Bill knows a lot about delays I guess, but I
>doubt he has heard of Euros or Europe).

Erm...  don't think so - Win98 comes with euro glyphs in the founts,
doesn't it?  It's an interesting idea that all computers in the world must
be modified to use euros by a certain date.  I wonder if they've tried to
convince the people running the reconstructed first ever software
programmable digital electronic computer that they need to get it to work
with euros?  And what about my ZX81?  Should I hassle Sir Clive about that?

>  All major world currencies have their own symbol and now the euro has
>  one as well.
>Now I wonder if the German or French versions contain that?

Of course!  Didn't you know the only two European currencies of any
significance were the Italian Lira and Pound Sterling?


>The only official text to use for currencies are the 3-letter iso
>forms such as usd, dem, gbp (what do they use in N. Ireland then??)

Hmm - hadn't thought of that one.

>(just remember that when you sign any documents containg $-signs).
>My conclusion is that a font designer is welcome to provide any
>reperesentation they wish of this symbol, and no one has to use if
>they do not wish to.

Hmm...  Interesting - it's not the way I read it.  Maybe it's changed
recently?  I suppose I ought to have a look at it again.

>> It says, as I recall, that only the official symbol may be used, and
>> it's got to be in black or the official shade of blue.
>The only reference i found to colors is this, concerning the logo:
>  The euro logo can be constructed using yellow on a clear background or
>  yellow on a blue background.
>But maybe i did not want to find what I did not find?

Oops - no, you're just correcting my famously bad memory.  I knew blue was
in it somewhere, but...  Well, yes, yellow on blue is exactly what my
records (from that Web site) tell me too.