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Re: texinfo language command?

Rebecca and Rowland wrote --
> Of course!  Didn't you know the only two European currencies of any
> significance were the Italian Lira and Pound Sterling?

Why limit yourself to European: or is it clear that nothing non-European
can posibly have any significance:-)?

> Oops - no, you're just correcting my famously bad memory.  I knew blue was
> in it somewhere, but...  Well, yes, yellow on blue is exactly what my
> records (from that Web site) tell me too.

Which suggests that it is all about rebadging etc, and nothing to do
with what founts should contain.  Speaking of which, I think we should
get designs and castings of the euro symbol in some classic hot-metal
founts; maybe the Gutenberg Museum or similar institutions could raise
spnsorship for this?