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Re: texeuro language command?

At 17:48 1999-02-02 +0100, Thierry Bouche wrote:

>A proposition adopted by the members of the list Typographie was to
>quietly ignore all the baffle around that logo/charachter, and simply
>replace our 'F' by a 'E' on due date.

>BTW, there has been a special symbol for francs (a F with a bar) that
>was costly developed years ago, and never used. I'm afraid it found
>its way inside the Monotype.com font (so maybe it's wasting a slot in
>wgl4 by now?)

It is not in WGL4 (MS), but it is in the new standard Apple character set.
They added

Lslash, lslash, Scaron, scaron, Zcaron, zcaron, brokenbar, Eth, eth,
Yacute, yacute, Thorn, thorn, minus, multiply, onesuperior,
twosuperior, threesuperior, onehalf, onequarter, threequarters,

which exist in typical text fonts, and

franc, Gbreve, gbreve, Idot, Scedilla, scedilla, Cacute, cacute,
Ccaron, ccaron, dmacron,

which do not exist in typical text fonts.

Berthold K.P. Horn	Cambridge, Massachusetts (M)