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The MacTeX Technical Working Group (mTWG) was formed in Hawaii in July 2003 at TUG 2003: the Silver Anniversary -- 25 years! -- of TeX, the 24th Annual Meeting and Conference of the TeX Users Group (TUG).  Its goal is to work on action items that would enhance current and future development of TeX on Mac OS X.   Apple Computer Inc. was a sponsor at TUG 2003 and provided computers, wireless networking, and technical support that enabled TUG to have its first remote live presentation from the Netherlands to an audience in Hawaii.

The MacTeX Lion drawing by Duane Bibby, created to celebrate the success of TeX on Mac OS X, was presented to the Grand Wizard, Don Knuth in January 2004. It is available in screensaver sizes here.

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2007 MacTeX Installer - TeX Live Distribution
Since 2007, the The MacTeX Distribution has been based on the TeX Live Distribution. It is maintained by Richard Koch, creator of TeXShop.
2006 MacTeX Installer - gwTeX
In 2006, an installer for TeX on the Mac became available on the TeX Live CD/DVD distributed by TeX Users Groups around the world. This MacTeX Distribution also became available for downloading on the TUG website. It was originally based on Gerben Wierda's gwTeX re-distribution, and was the first attempt to introduce a one-click installer for TeX on the Mac, thanks to the ingenuity and collaboration of Jonathan Kew and Richard Koch.
2004 Sponsorships
Our thanks and gratitude to Apple Computer Inc. who is sponsoring the loan of several iBooks, Powerbooks, and a G5 Mac for the workshops and internet cafe at the TUG meeting,
Practical TeX 2004: Training and Techniques
    [ Workshops and Presentations on LaTeX, TeX, ConTeXt, AMS-LaTeX ]
    Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, July 19-22, 2004.
Thanks also to Marratech, who is sponsoring an e-meeting for the MacTeX-TWG Special Interest Group (SIG) Discussion Session during the same meeting.
2002 Winner, Apple Design Award
Best Mac OSX Open Source Port
TeXShop 1.19, Richard Koch, Mathematics Department, University of Oregon

Helping to debug Preview.app with a ConTeXT-PDF document

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