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Real World Applications of TeX - 1

Front-End Examples
Besides being used for typesetting journal articles, books, letters, memos, class notes, solution manuals, etc., for publication in many languages, TeX is also being used in other interesting applications in the real world ...
My Cover CD for iTunes
is an Applescript program within iTunes that uses LaTeX, Ghostscript, and ImageMagick
installed with Gerben Wierda's i-Installer to print front and back CD covers

Critical Editions Typesetting
EDMAC is a program written as a set of plain TeX macros for formatting complex critical editions with multiple footnote streams, paragraphed footnotes, marginal notes, tabular material, verse, etc.

The ledmac package enables the production of similar critical editions with a professional layout using LaTeX.

Feynman Diagrams written in Java
JaxoDraw, is a program for drawing Feynman diagrams written in Java. The main feature of JaxoDraw is the possibility to generate from a graph the corresponding LaTeX code, which makes use of J. Vermaserens axodraw package to compile. In fact the main motivation to write JaxoDraw has been to create a graphical user interface for the axodraw package, in such a way to provide all the power of axodraw and LaTeX (such as METAFONT labels), with the easyness of a WYSIWYG interface.

Imposition: Booklets
CocoaBooklet uses LaTeX to create booklets and minibooklets. Installation of LaTeX is not required since a minimal version is included in the application. [ French (Original) Version ]

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