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General TeX References

General TeX References

TeX is available for use on multiple platforms: Unix, PC, and Mac. These are a few of the general (not platform specific) TeX references, which are available from the TUG web site. Worldwide Local User Groups also have references in their native languages on their web sites.

TeX Resources on the Web

Online Documentation & Tutorials, Sample Documents
Getting Started with TeX, LaTeX, and Friends
Online tutorials on LATEX
LaTeX Tutorials - A Primer
Books about TeX and Friends
AMS TeX-related Publications
Fonts Available for Use with TeX
Wiki Encylopedia Article on TeX
LaTeX Navigator: A LaTeX Encylopedia
CTAN: the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
The TeX Catalog on Line (Preface CTAN Edition)
TCOBrowser, a Cocoa viewer application dedicated to the TeX Catalogue Online, using the XML version of the catalogue. It was written to provide an easy way for Mac OS X users to access documentation and information about TeX and TeX-related packages available through CTAN, as well as some of the documentation on their local system.
TeXLive distribution

Samples of Books Typeset with TeX

Principae: Structuring thoughts
Trees, maps, and theorems: Effective communication for rational minds
by Jean-luc Doumont
Humanities Books
AAUP Showbooks
"TeX users don't often get the chance to see books in the humanities typeset with TeX, where a different kind of thinking goes into type selection and layout to give a book its utility and distinctive appeal. We hope to remedy that a little, by making a number of pdf samples available for public download." ...

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