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TUG 2013 Proceedings

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TUG 2013
TUG 2013 conference information 
    sponsors, participants, thanks
TUG 2013 conference program   250-251 
TUG 2013 in Tokyo 
  Norbert Preining 
    conference report
The incredible tale of the author who didn't want to do the publisher's job, … 
  Didier Verna      [Introductory — writing a book chapter on spec with TeX]
How to make a product catalogue that doesn't look like a dissertation 
  Jason Lewis      [Intermediate — practical database generation and layout problems, with recommended packages]
Multilingual Document Processing
Project Fandol: GPL fonts for Chinese typesetting 
  Clerk Ma, Jie Su      [Introductory — summary of a new free Chinese font family]
Tsukurimashou: A Japanese-language font meta-family 
  Matthew Skala      [Intermediate — motivation and implementation of a Metafont-based CJK family]
Braille fonts in Project Fandol 
  Clerk Ma      [Intermediate — history, relevant standards, and new Chinese Braille fonts]
Case study: Typesetting old documents of Japan 
  Ken Nakano, Hajime Kobayashi      [Intermediate — typesetting of Komonjo books published by Shiryo Hensan-jo with pTeX]
upTeX—Unicode version of pTeXwith CJK extensions 
  Takuji Tanaka      [Intermediate Plus — comparison of multilingual and other support in upTeX with other engines]
Typesetting and layout in multiple directions—Proposed solution 
  John Plaice      [Advanced — separating writing style from box direction in full generality]
Software & Tools
TeX Live Manager's rare gems: User mode and multiple repository support 
  Norbert Preining      [Intermediate Plus — managing user trees with tlmgr, and multiple sources for fetching packages]
Redistributing TeX and friends 
  Norbert Preining      [Intermediate Plus — handling TeX Live's configuration in a downstream distro]
A gentle introduction to PythonTeX 
  Andrew Mertz, William Slough      [Intermediate — using Python in documents for computation, plotting, web access, and more]
Online publishing via pdf2htmlEX 
  Lu Wang, Wanmin Liu      [Intermediate Plus — handling TeX Live's configuration in a downstream distro]
The XyMTeX system for publishing interdisciplinary chemistry/mathematics books 
  Shinsaku Fujita      [Advanced — basic usage and history of XyMTeX, an advanced chemical typesetting system]
TANSU—A workflow for cabinet layout 
  Pavneet Arora      [Intermediate — ConTeXt, Asymptote, YAML, and three-dimensional design and costing]
Bibulous—A drop-in BibTeX replacement based on style templates 
  Nathan Hagen      [Intermediate Plus — Unicode-based bibliography implementation in Python using explicit templates]
The multibibliography package 
  Michael Cohen, Yannis Haralambous, Boris Veytsman      [Intermediate — simultaneous bibliographies by appearance, author, year, etc.]
LaTeX and graphics: Basics and packages 
  Aleksandra Hankus, Zofia Walczak      [Intermediate — introduction to graphics usage with different engines, selected add-on packages]
Plots in LaTeX: Gnuplot, Octave, make 
  Boris Veytsman, Leyla Akhmadeeva      [Intermediate Plus — work flow for handling regeneration of complex plots]
Entry-level MetaPost 3: Color 
  Mari Voipio      [Introductory — outlining, filling, choosing colors, linear and circular shading [not a presentation at the conference]]
TUG 2013 abstracts 
  Jin-Hwan Cho, Hans Hagen, Shizuya Hakuta, Yoshifumi Maeda, Masataka Kaneko, Yasuhide Minoda, Frank Mittelbach, Ross Moore, Keiichiro Shikano, Yumi Takata, Yusuke Terada, Didier Verna, Alan Wetmore, Masafumi Yabe 
ConTeXt Group: Proceedings, 6th meeting (2012)   363 
MAPS: Contents of issue 44 (2013)   364 
Die TeXnische Komödie: Contents of issues 3–4/2013   365 
Hints & Tricks
The treasure chest 
  Karl Berry      [Intermediate — new CTAN packages, July–December 2013]
General Delivery
In memoriam: Jean-Pierre Drucbert (1947–2009) 
  Denis Bitouzé 
Book Reviews
Book review: Essential Knuth, by Edgar Daylight 
  David Walden      [Reports and notices — an extensive interview focused on Knuth's computer science achievements]
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Book review: Introduction to LaTeX, by Leo Liu 
  Clerk Ma      [Reports and notices — a book on introduction to typesetting Chinese and Japanese with LaTeX]
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