TUG 2023 - Program

The schedule for the TUG'23 conference follows. Other links:

The talks given in person will be streamed live during the conference on the TUG YouTube channel, at no charge (donations appreciated!). They will also be recorded and posted on YouTube after the conference.

All times are local to Bonn (timezone Europe/Paris = CEST = GMT+0200).

Thursday, 13 July

14:00 PDF Developers' Workshop (until 18.00)
15:00 Excursion—Guided walking tour of downtown Bonn (until 18.00)
19:00 Reception & registration at Hotel Leoninum terrace (until 20.00)

Friday, 14 July

08:00 Registration
08:30 Boris VeytsmanConference opening
08:45 Ulrike & Gert Fischer, Carla Maggi, Paulo Cereda, samcarterBehind the scenes of the Great TikZlings Christmas Extravaganza (extraganza video, slides)
09:15 Oliver KoppJabRef as BibTeX-based literature management software (slides)
09:45 Jan ŠustekOn generating documented source code by blocks in TeX (slides)
10:15 Barbara BeetonWhat every LaTeX newbie should know (slides, preprint)
10:45 Coffee break & registration
11:15 Martin RuckertNews from the HINT project (slides, preprint)
11:45 Dennis MüllerAn HTML/CSS schema for TeX primitives (slides, preprint)
12:15 Patrick GundlachNews from boxes and glue (slides)
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Participant group photo
14:00 Joseph Wright, samcarterBeamer news (slides)
14:15 samcarterThe tcolorbox inner beamer theme (slides)
14:30 Boris VeytsmanThe update of the nostarch class (slides)
15:00 Ben DaviesBumpy road towards a good LaTeX visual editor (slides)
15:30 Didier VernaInteractive and real-time typesetting for demonstration and experimentation (slides)
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Eberhard W. LisseIntroduction to Typst (slides, handout)
17:00 Jakub Máca, Petr Sojka, Ondřej SojkaUniversal syllabic pattern generation (slides, preprint)
17:30 TUG Annual General Meeting (until 18.15); not streamed

Saturday, 15 July

08:30 Henning Hraban RammArchitectural guides for Bonn—book production with ConTeXt (slides)
09:00 Thomas SchmitzProducing different forms of output from XML via ConTeXt (slides)
09:30 Vít NovotnýMarkdown 3 (slides)
10:00 Rishi T, Apu V, Hàn Thế Thành, Jan VaněkPrimo—The new sustainable solution for publishing (slides, preprint)
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Ross MooreTagged PDF, derived HTML and aspects of accessibility (example document)
11:30 Ulrike FischerAutomated tagging of LaTeX documents—what is possible today? (slides)
12:00 Joseph WrightSupporting backends in expl3 (slides)
12:30 Frank MittelbachThe LaTeX Companion, third edition—Anecdotes and lessons learned (slides)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Jim HefferonUsing Asymptote like MetaPost (slides)
14:30 Linus RomerCurvature combs and harmonized paths in MetaPost (slides, preprint)
15:00 Rajeesh KVMetafont, MetaPost and a complex-script typeface (slides, preprint)
15:30 Victor SannierA Metafont for rustic capitals (slides)
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 Ulrik ViethAn updated survey of OpenType math fonts (slides, preprint)
17:15 Mikael SundqvistExtending OpenType math, making choices (slides)
17:45 Tom HejdaTeX Live and Overleaf revisited (slides)
18:45 Depart from Leoninum lobby for tram to banquet
19:30 Banquet (until 23.00)

Sunday, 16 July

08:30 Island of TeXLiving in containers—on TeX Live in a docker setting (slides)
09:00 Joseph WrightFurther adventures in Unicode-land (slides)
09:30 Oliver KoppThe LaTeX template generator (slides)
10:00 Island of TeXThe Island of TeX 2023—sailing the smooth seas of ideas (slides)
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Frank Mittelbach38 years of LaTeX—A personal picture story
12:00 Conference closing
12:15 Lunch
13:30 Depart from Leoninum lobby for tram to boat trip (sharp)
14:15 Excursion—Boat trip to Seven Hills (return to Bonn about 18.00)

Monday, 17 July

09:30 Excursion—Guided walking tour of downtown Bonn (until 12.30)

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